March-13th Structural Mechanics Laboratory 
The head of the way to the experimental studies

Welcoming message

We would like to  help you to perform the best experimental studies....

We would like to invite all researchers to Erzincan University to collaborate for scientific studies...

Chair: Dr. Yalciner

History of March-13th Structural Mechanics Laboratory

March-13th Structural Mechanics Laboratory is named by occured 1992 Erzincan Earthquake. On 13 March, the 1992 Erzincan Earthquake  struck eastern Turkey with a moment magnitude of 6.7. Erzincan is dominated by the North Anatolian Fault. In that Eartquake, at least 498 people dead, roughly 2,000 injured, and an unknown amount missing. Total financial losses amounted to $13.5 million.

March-13th Structural Mechanics Laboratory has been started to be established on 15th Nov. 2015. by  Dr. YALCINER and  Dr. KUMBASAROGLU.

Handled project was supported by Erzincan University Scientific Research Projects. Total budget of the supported project was 50.000 USA dolars.

March-13th Structural Mechanics Laboratory is the biggest laboratory in East Anatolia region.

Our SUCCESS in numbers

March-13th Structural Mechanics Laboratory is the fastest constructed laboratory, ever.....