Reaction Wall

It is possible to perform experimental studies for either vertical or horizontal placed reinforced concrete members. 

This photo belongs to Dr. Yalciner's research team.

Hydraulic Jacks

120 tons capacity of hydraulic jacks for vertical and horizontal loading


Axial Loading Frame for Beams

4 meters length of RC beams can be tested. Required supports ( pin or roller) are also available for any experimental study.

Axial Loading Frame for Columns

Under construction

Concrete Compressive Strenght and Flexural Test Machines

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Following tests are available:

  1. Concrete compressive strength test, 
  2. Small sizes  of flexural strength of RC beams  

Tensile Strength Test Machine

Mechanical properties of reinforcement bars via computer aided.


Total load carrying capacity of the crane is 3 tons.

Aggregate Pools

Fine and coarse aggregate pools.

Full Scale Corrosion Pool

The width and heigth of the pool is 3.80 m and 1.50 m, respectively. Dirrect current power supplies and digital multi meters are available. Full scale accelerated corrosion pool provide to  corrode full scale reinforced concrete columns, beams, and  scaled frames. 

Constructed by Dr. Yalciner in 2015.